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Types of Massage


Your massage session will start with a brief consultation to determine your needs and determine any limitations you may have or allergies to aromatherapy or lotions.  I use warm rice packs, hot towels, hot stones and meditative or piano music to help you relax.  You are welcome to bring your own lotion if you have allergies or music if you have a preference.  Proper, conservative draping with a sheet and blanket will be used at all times.

SWEDISH MASSAGE:  The basis of all massage begins with relaxing techniques to warm the muscles,reduce muscle tension, calm the nervous system and improve circulation. Swedish techniques can be light, moderate or deep pressure according to your needs or comfort level.  All movement towards the heart promotes healthy circulation and lymphatic flow and elongates muscles from end to end.

DEEP TISSUE: Specific, deeper, slower techniques melt into muscle fibers, fascia and tendons to loosen adhesions, break up scar tissue, and calm muscle spasms.  These techniques also work with the nervous system to break the pain cycles that develop from chronic stress, injury or strain. Contrary to some popular beliefs, "deep tissue" does NOT have to "hurt" to be effective! You will feel the difference between a "good" therapeutic intensity that your body can integrate, versus the "no pain-no gain" type of work often associated with the words "deep tissue". 

HANDS & FEET: Focused attention on the hands and feet releases tension & stimulates thousands of nerve endings to activate the body's natural relaxation and healing powers. Extra attention to Reflexology points contributes to the wellness and balance of the whole body.

SPORT MASSAGE: A balanced combination of relaxing, deep tissue and stretching loosens sore muscles and joints, flushes toxins and reduces recovery time after an event or workout.  This type of bodywork can leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized!  Everyone can benefit from this type of work!

Tumbled river stones are heated and used during the massage to melt away stress and tension in combination with any of the types of massage listed above.

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