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Massage has emerged as a leading therapy for a healthy lifestyle. 

Whether you are a seasoned spa-goerspa thinking of trying massage for the first time, need some post-workout muscle recovery or just want to relax and take time for yourself, contact me and I'll be happy to talk it over.

If you are like most people, you have occassional or chronic pain or tension and may be wondering where to get help outside of prescriptions and surgery.  You are not alone.  Massage is a good place to start exploring how your body is over-working in some areas and maybe not working so well in others.  Even if  you just have trouble settling down or having a moment to yourself , massage can help relax your nerves and muscles and has a wide range of benefits:  helping to lower blood pressure, ease recovery time after workouts, increase range of motion in stiff joints and muscles, break up scar tissue and increase blood flow and lymphatic movement for healing and detoxification.  Whether you are very active or sitting at a desk most of the day, massage can restore balance and help relieve tension and posture imbalances from hours of over-use, under-use and habitual movements that happen in our daily life of work or play.  

My name is Michelle and my goal is to support your path to better health and give you the best massage every time.

Texas LMT# 040661

NOTE: This is a professional therapeutic massage by a Texas State Licensed Massage Therapist. Proper, professional draping will be used at all times.  No Exceptions! 


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